Puma Suede Salutes Icon Hello Kitty

I remember growing up going into the Hello Kitty Store in the malls and seeing all the cute note pads, pens, Rain Coats and Umbrellas they had the cutest little trinkets a girl could want. You can still go to their website Hello Kitty and shop some of their best sellers and cute dolls.

Puma has teamed up with Hello Kitty, and is releasing a line of Puma Suede Sneakers. See below. Along with Hello Kitty T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Pants and backpacks. All in a Super Cute Red and White Color palette. So ladies if you are looking for something cute and Sporty to Rock on Valentines Day, check this Link on February 8th for something cute Puma and Hello Kitty.

Happy Sneaker Shopping!

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