Jemele Hill-HER Choice, She’s Undefeated

When you hear the name, Jemele Hill, what do you think of? I think, Female, Fearless, African American, living out her wildest dreams. She’s just a chic from Detroit that decided she was going to be a sports writer, with her OWN opinion and decided to go for it. Yes, ok, she was suspended from ESPN, after the comments about Jerry Jones. Donald Trump weighed in with his none weight carrying words. Donald Trump even suggested that Jemele Hill be fired. Well she wasn’t. She was suspended. And she bounced back-as women usually do, because she had no choice, she had to be great. Her career was on the line.

Now, Jemele has decided, a choice of her own, again I say her OWN choice to step down from the ESPN Show, His & Hers, with Michael Smith, to take an a role as a Sports Writer for the Undefeated. Everyone is coming for Jemele, like this is a demotion. No, this is her choice, she is a sports writer at heart. This is what she has chosen to do.

I really like the advice Luke Campbell gave Jemele.

Replying to 

Well said young lady but just remember one thing you do not have to explain anything to anyone these haters are going to hate regardless you keep doing what you do and whatever makes you happy life is too short


Why can’t we be happy for Jemele and not tear her down? I heard a local blogger say that Jemele was demoted to blogger, well YOU are a blogger. Being a writer for The Undefeated is nothing to Sneeze at. This is a very big deal. Check out their blog here  The Undefeated.

I am so Happy for Jemele, I wish her all the best. She is an example of a strong, fearless, African American Woman, who has gone after everything she wants. We need more role models like Jemele.

Thank you Jemele, I can’t wait to see how far you go at The Undefeated.

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