Where Do you Buy Your Sneakers?

I have been copping Sneakers for a long time. So I always get the question. Where do you get your Sneakers? Copping Sneakers is NO easy task. I applaud my SneakerLover’s who manage to Cop the illest, most dope sneakers; with out a PLUG. LOL! I don’t have a PLUG and I have never used one. If you don’t know what a PLUG is; this is a person who has access to the latest drops. Usually the PLUG has the Sneakers early and that’s cool, if you trust the PLUG to sell you reals and you don’t care about B Grade Sneaks.

Well I cop my Sneakers myself. I used to cop from  the Finishline, but over time it got harder and harder to cop from them. And they Charge you for shipping. It might be easier now, but I haven’t tried FinishLine In a while.

I know many SneakerLover’s Swear by Footlocker, Champs and Eastbay. These are awesome places to cop Sneakers. But they never work for me. Plus, I am a Nike girl. If you are the Variety Sneaker type then these are the places for you to shop.

A place that is becoming a favorite place of mine is RU Villa. They are a reputable Sneaker/Urban Brand. They offer Free 5 day  Shipping. If You can’t cop from Nike, cop from RU Villa.

So my FAVORITE place to get my Sneakers is simply directly from Nike. I use the Nike SNKRS App.  I have my SNKRS App, tied to my pay pal account. Log-in, select my Size and I have my Sneakers in a few days. On top of all that Nike does FREE shipping.

Also the Nike SNKRS app will give you a calendar on New Releases. Most Sneakers Drop on Saturdays at 10AM Eastern time. Who remembers when they used to release at 8AM, Eastern Standard time?

I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing this with you. If I left anything out, please free to comment below on your suggestions. Or Share with everyone your copping techniques.

Have a good week my SneakerLover’s!


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