Skepta and His Dope Nike Air Max 97 SK Collaboration

If you have never heard of the  U.K. artist, rapper, DJ and Now Nike Air Max Collaborator, let me put you on; Skepta is a well known DJ that has been in the game for a minute.  He has worked with Puff Daddy, Drake and produced many underground records. What fascinated me the most about Skepta is his love for Air Max. Skepta states that he has been wearing Air Max since he was 7. So his love for Air Max runs DEEP. Apparently Nike caught wind of this and Skepta was able to design with Nike for his own Air Max. With the Colorway being Inspired by his time spent in Morocco. So the Air Max 97 SK was Born. If you tried to cop this Air Max yesterday, I hope you got it. This Sneaker Sold out in a matter of Minutes. I was fortunate to be able to cop a pair and I will post Pics once I get my Sneakers in hand. Keep up the Good Work Skepta and I hope you get to Design with Nike again in the future.

All Photos  belong to Nike.

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