SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap up!

Hey My SneakerLovers! I hope your weekend was amazing and relaxing. I took one day off, yesterday from blogging, but now I am getting back to it. What did you do this weekend? I relaxed and I hung out with Mr. Sneakervision. Friday I wore my Jordan 13 Black Cat’s to work, they are super, beyond comfy. All black so they match any outfit. Saturday for Date Night, Mr. SneakerVision and I went  to Three Dollar Cafe, located off Windy Hill in Ga. We got Wings and Fries, Ranch Dressing. I had 3 Apple Martinis-they were absolutely delicious.  I rocked my Jordan 11’s 72-10’s. Sunday I went to Lenox Mall with my mom and I wore My Jordan 11 Gamma Blue’s. We went to eat at the Olive Garden for Dinner.

I hope my SneakerLover’s are ready for Monday. So take tonight to relax and think about what you will do different next week? Let’s make our days count, NOT count the days.


All photos belong to me.

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