Happy International Women’s Day 2017

How did my lady SneakerLover’s celebrate International Women’s Day? I didn’t skip work or protest. Nope! I went to work and tried to think of  way to take my SneakerLoving to a New Level. I thought of how I  can bring more content to the table to make my affectionate term for you, “SneakerLovers” better. No one is going to save me. No one is going to show me how. I have to raise my own voice for the things I believe in.

So I ask my Ladies? Are you happy with their just being one standard Sneaker? A man’s Sneaker that we have to purchase. Yes, we could purchase them in the girls sizes, but if  like me; my regular woman’s shoe size is a size 10, in men’s it’s an 8. So when I cop a drop, I try to cop early and quick. I don’t want to miss out. Ladies, do you feel like one of the guys or are you regarded as a female with knowledge and opinion, about her coveted Sneakers?

Lady’s don’t ever feel deterred, just because Sneaker coppin has been made into a male sport. We have a voice too. That’s why I created my blog. If you Love your J’s, or your Adidas, your Diadora’s, your Lebron’s-Rock those. Don’t ever be made to feel any less because of what you love. Celebrate your uniqueness. I do. Happy International Women’s Day!

Just a few personal Pictures-Sharing with my SneakerLover’s.

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