PREMIUM Jordan 5Lab3 2 Models in 1

Today was a big release day 10/15. I thought the Jordan 3’s from Nike were gonna be a Major sell out. Most 3’s are. Those 3’s are sitting on the shelf. I wonder why? I thought they were a must get for my Sneakerlover’s; I was wrong on that one. Well, peep my Premium 5Lab3’s below. This is a PREMIUM 5/3. The Shoe is a reflective material, elephant print on the shoe, kinda hard to see. Also, the sole is MAJOR Icey.  Custom laces. I am  not even sure when I copped these. Maybe in 2014.  They look way better than the 3’s that dropped today. Do you have any 3’s that you are crazy about? Post in the comments. I love to look at Sneakers.

img_7944 img_7945 img_7946 img_7947 img_7948

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