Jordan 5 Gold Coin-Deep Royal Blue-Metallicredbronze

This year HAS to be the year of the 5’s and 12’s. Once again this Saturday, September 24, 2016, at 10:00 AM, at most Locations-I know FinishLine and Nike; will drop the Jordan 5, Gold Coins. This might not be the exact name, but that’s the name I have picked.

The 5’s that are releasing, have a Gold Tongue and the body of the shoe is a Deep Royal Blue. They also have a Bronzed Metallic look. Sometimes you can’t tell if these are gonna be a FIRE look until you see them in person. I am not planning on coppin these-but please I change my mind sometimes.

Will these sell out? Are you coppin?

Photo used is not my photo. I don’t know where the photo came from.


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