air jordan 1 banned release dates 2016 thumb

Like Whoa!!! The 1’s are a MAJOR MUST HAVE. This exclusive Beauty is going to be HARD to cop. This shoe is GOING to sell out and the resellers will have it on Ebay for $1000’s-trust me on this one. I am kind of afraid I won’t be  able to get it. LOL!!

The Story Behind the 1’s is; of course, this is the first Jordan, Michael Jordan wore circa 1984.  (colorway is a little different). This sneaker supposedly did not comply with the Uniformity rules set by the NBA at that time. The NBA considered this shoe “rebellious” . As Legend has it MJ was fined $5000 EACH time he did not comply with this rule. The story goes on to say, Nike asked MJ to keep wearing the shoe and they would pay the fine.

This sneaker would be an extremely NICE add to my collection. I am going to try and cop. Release date September 3, 2016 10Am. Good Luck!!

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