Jordan 6 Cigars

These 6’s were so hard to cop. My Finish Line screen must have rolled a million times. When I finally did get them, I was in shock. Not an easy task. I think the day UPS actually delivered the shoes, I was having a bad day. But seeing these BABIES made my day so much brighter. I almost sold them on Ebay. They look kind of gaudy. A lot of Green and Gold going on and the BIG Championship Ring sitting on the laces…I wasn’t quite sold. The more I looked at them, I couldn’t part with them. I wasn’t able to cop the Cigars-although they would be a nice addition to complete the pack. I doubt either one of these 6’s will ever be released again. Posted to the right are a picture of the Cigars. Also posted below my personal pair of Champagnes. CHEERS!



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