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What were you doing at age 16? I can tell you what I was doing. LOL!! I was about to graduate high school. I had a job working at Taco Bell and I was also babysitting for money. Do 16 year olds still get jobs like that? Apparently Not. Have you heard of Benjamin Kapelushnik? Well, let me fill you in on who he is. He is a 16 year reseller, the PLUG; who made it in Forbes. His claim is that he has made almost a million dollars from reselling sneakers. Not just that, he has a celebrity following too. His celebrity clientele include DJ Khaled and Chris Brown. Although recently, I have seen pictures of him with Jay Z and Kanye West.  Benjamin’s Business sense is completely AMAZING! And his Motto is, BUSINESS IS BOOMING! I bet it is. Shout out to this young guy.

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