1996 Air Trainer SC- Atlanta Olympic Tribute-Part 2-Venting

Well my Sneakerhead friends, it’s a sad day in my world. I logged into my SNKRS App around 11am this morning, with the hopes of catching these babies-see below. But luck was not on my side. I was at my desk starring at my App at 11:59 AM. I refreshed and picked my size, the App said, you are waiting in line. I waited. Then at 12:04PM it said these shoes are sold out. HOW???????????? They must have had one shoe per size!! Come on! Well, that’s the life of a Sneakerhead. Can’t score them all.

The resellers already have these on Ebay, for $300, $600 and the highest are $1900. I just can’t pay that much over retail for a shoe that was only $140 online. Win some, lose some.



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