Are you wondering about the Jordan 5’s OG Colorway…I wonder

Have you ever been HYPED about a Jordan or sneaker that’s dropping? You log into your favorite website-for me it’s always Finish Line. I ALWAYS have success the latest drops on the Finish Line website. Either the latest are EASY to cop OR the website is churning. Meaning, you have to wait and wait for your pair of coveted sneakers to end up in your shopping cart. What determines if a sneaker will sell out? Help me on this one?

I predicted that the Jordan 5’s would sell ALLLLLLL the way out. No such luck. These are still sitting online via Finish Line. On Instagram these shoes are being called “shelf sitters’. Well, guess what? I copped! I had to have these. This is one of the BEST retro OG releases. I consider these a MUST have for any serious Sneaker collector. The black Nubuck leather is luxurious. Trust me, if you decide to get these, you will not be disappointed.

Check out my J’5’s below.


Jordan 5's retro but OG Colorway
Jordan 5’s retro but OG Colorway
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