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Sneakervision x Sunday Funday!

Sunday I decided to venture out to Lenox Mall. Despite the cold rainy weather. I needed to get out of the house. Cabin Fever. Of course, I went to Macy’s and their Nike Section was pretty dope and decent. But The Nike Store is right on the corner of the mall; so I had to browse around. I wasn’t really trying to purchase anything. I do have a $30 gift card I need to use, but I just didn’t see anything I was pressed to get. See pictures below of a few dope Nike Things I saw. I really like the Nike Velor Track pants, but they didn’t have a matching jacket. But my cousin just convinced me to go and get the Track Pants, cuz they are dope. Oh! And I JUST realized Nike at Lenox, has an upstairs. But as a customer, why hasn’t a customer relationship Specialist ever told me this? Ummmmm. 

Finds at the Nike Store, Lenox

Nike Store Lenox 

The Sneakers I rocked this weekend; my Win Like 96, Red 11’s. 11’s are a super comfy Sneaker. My feet felt GREAT all day! 

Jordan 11, Win Like 96

Wishing you the BEST week to come. Do something crazy this week. Live OUT of your comfort zone! 

Peace, Love and Sneakervision! 

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